Rotter Glas

Sparkling Crystal, Radiant Colours, Spellbinding Illusions

Rotter Glas is refining crystal glass in the fourth generation.

In 1948, after World War II, Carl Rotter, originally from Silesia, found a new beginning in Lübeck. After his death, his son Wolfgang Rotter took over the company and was pleased to pass the studio on to his wife Birgit Rotter, who runs the company today. Selected retailers and various galleries, museums and exhibits across the globe globe sell and present the beautiful and unique hand-cut pieces from Rotter Glas. These art objects have long become cult objects that are passed on from generation to generation.

Many complex processing steps are necessary for every unique hand signed glass. Whether for daily use or as a decorative piece, Rotter Glass enhances every tabletop, whether classic, modern or timeless.

„What the artisan lacks in craftsmanship is found lacking in his art“

Until a glass cutter perfects his craft and the Rotter designs, he has undergone a three-year apprenticeship plus seven years of in house training. It is then that he possesses the crucial expertise and virtuosity to create new designs and transpose them to the glass.

New and exclusive: the Rotter Glas crystal whiskey tumbler available in the online shop Artedona.

Savor your favorite whiskey in hand- cut & hand-satin-polished Rotter tumblers. Artedona is exclusively introducing the new Rotter Glas crystal tumblers.
Sharp cuts for sharp senses - with their individual deep haptic the four different decors are fascinating in their individualistic satin-finished schemes. The four decors are available in horizontal and vertical. All eight variations - whether dynamic, square, filigree or graphic - can be combined to create a tantalizing interplay.

Discover our new Design: Whiskey Tumbler

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