Crystal glass with distinctive cut

The famous Rotter tumblers are available in four sizes, ten colours and various designs - create your own collection.

The cuts are graphic and playful, linear and spheric. The mix of matt and polished surfaces and the individual depth and width of each incision all combine to the special uniqueness of each piece of crystal.

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A fish seldom swims alone

Our engraved fish are loyal lifelong companions. They symbolize life and energy. Therefore, this symbol of Christian faith is a popular gift for births, baptisms, communions, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries, or just because one wants to convey solidarity.

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Unforgetable – the Kugelbecher

The classic Kugelbecher has become the studios's trademark design as well as the unbeatable bestseller. Beyond the Kugelbecher our customers have chosen the following designs as must-haves

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Hand engraved masterpieces

We took on a special project. The challenge was to reinvent the majesty of these wild animals in an important peaceful way. Our master craftsmen chose to express the dignity of the BIG FIVE individually: each line on the lion’s thick wavy mane, the gracefulness of the stalking leopard with her sensitive whiskers, the leathery elephant momma followed trunk–to-tail by her shy offspring, the bulky impenetrable bodies of the challenging rhinoceros or the gentle ivory curve of the buffalo’s horns.

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Bridal couple

Our bridal couple is special - church windows and organ pipes: Kugelbecher and Spulen make the perfect pair!

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