Individual Engravings

A Masterpiece Was Created


Birth, Christening, Baptism

A personalized baby gift: let us know the baby’s name, date of birth, weight and height and we will engrave all these details into the glass of choice. The possibilities are as unique as each new-born. A wonderful tradition to pass on…


Your personal touch

Make it personal – monogram, name, initials, logo, anniversary, or life motto - by building memories for the future.


Sense of home and hospitality - a gift from Lübeck

Carl Rotter created the iconic graphic motives of the Lübeck landmarks in cooperation with artist Alfred Mahlau. Holstentor, Rathaus, Burgtor, Heiligen-Geist-Hospital and Salzspeicher, as well as Aegidienkirche, Dom, Marienkirche, Jakobikirche and Petrikirche have decorated tumblers, bowls, lanterns and vases back then, as well as today. These popular gifts travel from Lübeck to the far corners of the world.

Further motives of landmarks and silhouettes of other cities have been created, as well.


Victory Ceremony!

Enjoy your own individual and personalized prize.
Whether you are looking for an individual award, or for a large quantity of prizes for a sport event, championship, or competition such as a sailing regatta, golf or tennis tournament, as well as for cultural prizes for the fine arts: music, theatre, film…
We arrange all pertinent details of the event or achievement: name, date, rank, or symbol, etc. and reliably and quickly eternalize them on glass.
We have a wide selection available according to your budget. We’d be happy to advise you personally.
Based on a long history of satisfied customers, individual glas sports trophies continue to be produced in the Rotter Glas studio.

If you have any questions regarding our products or a special request, please feel free to contact us.