Due to the tax cut in Germany, please take in account that we include the reduction of the sales tax from 19% to 16% in the final billing. The prices on our website all include the 19% sales tax.

Rotter Collection

Harmony of perfection and sensuality

Radiant colours in different sizes

Graphical vibrancy in countless patterns

In our valued Rotter tumblers you can find an unparalleled harmony of perfection and sensuality. Dedicated craftsmanship with a fascinating stimulating playful spirit. The diverse designs of the Rotter collection can be combined according to personal tastes: four sizes, six price categories, ten colours. Discover your favourite tumbler!

Within our Rotter collection you can find designs in different price categories. They are sorted by the categories freestyle, classic I, classic II, classic III, exclusive I and exclusive II. Our workload determines the pricing. This means that the most demanding cuts are located in the price category “exclusive II” and that a size L Rotter tumbler has a higher cutting time than the same design in the S tumbler size and the prices are therefore different. The colours of our Rotter crystal glasses do not influence the price, except for the colour Smoke. The production process of this colour is particularly complex. Please see the PDF-Download for a complete overview of all Rotter tumblers and prices.

The Designs are also available for Karaffen / Bottles and Schalen / Small Bowls.

Introducing our Rotter Collection for Inspiration

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