Cult Objects

Magnificent unique pieces


Our master craftsmen chose to express the dignity of the BIG FIVE individually: each line on the lion’s thick wavy mane, the gentle ivory curve of the buffalo’s horns, the gracefulness of the stalking leopard with her sensitive whiskers, the leathery elephant momma followed trunk–to-tail by her shy offspring, or the bulky impenetrable bodies of the challenging rhinoceros. The relief structure is tangible and wants to be touched!

Asian power symbols

Our artistic passion and affinity for the Asian continent are the foundation of our FOUR CHINESE POWER SYMBOLS. According to Chinese beliefs, these symbols, among others, bring order to the world and allow us to live in conformity to certain principles.
Perfected in our studio:
Fighting Fish – Element water: Symbolises wealth, prosperity, perseverance and persistence (*2012)
Dragon – Element fire: Symbolises power, strength and divine protection (*2007)
Lion – Element earth: Symbolises protection (*2012)
Phoenix – Element air: Symbolises luck (*2010)

Caught Fire

Ignis is the stunning perfect match for the Asian inspired table or setting.


Engraving vases is an exceptional challenge for our specialized craftsmen. Due to their size, the blanks are particularly heavy, but still have to be held to the grinding stone with a steady hand and for an extra prolonged time span. It is then cut “blind”, as the glass is not transparent anymore, due to its thickness. The black and white vase Jeffry even has two colour transitions - an absolute masterpiece!

Magical Tradition

From the very beginning, it is tradition and of utmost importance for this studio, to fulfil the desires and dreams of our youngest customers. This is probably because all the children of the Rotter family grew up in the studio. The charming fairy-tale designs are loved by young and old.

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